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My name is Orlagh. I love make up, films , Mads Mikkelsen, Bjork, The Mountain Goats and books
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Lauren Bacall


Princess Dorothy


Angelina meets Thai refugee Baw Meh

Favourite Films
↳ The Princess Bride (1987)

"Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while."

Time: The 100 Most Influential People 

The passionate storyteller 

"From Hunger to Shame to 12 Years a Slave, Steve tackles tough subjects with passion and a very evident love. His storytelling is all about creating genuine emotional exchanges between the actors. He’s always in search of the truthful moment that will give the audience real human access to difficult issues. He’s a visionary in that way.

In 12 Years a Slave, he gave us a very clear and emotional representation of the time and institution of slavery. The complexity of characters lets you see how slavery was a burden not just to the enslaved but to the slavers as well. The emotional toil affected everyone.

I think Steve is a genius at what he does, but he doesn’t impose his genius on you. It really feels collaborative and exploratory to work with him. What he managed to create was a sacred space where everyone respected the story we were telling. He gave us reassurance that this was for something bigger than all of us.” - Lupita Nyong’o

Marilyn Monroe photographed by John Vachon in Canada, 1953

Ingrid Bergman, August 29, 1915 - August 29, 1982

Celebrating 99 years since her birth, 32 years since her death


Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 

Elizabeth Taylor in the early 1960’s.


Vivien Leigh